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Claire Ewart’s  work  has  been featured on  PBS’s READING RAINBOW, and  STORYTIME.  Her portfolio has been featured in CHILDREN’S WRITER’S & ILLUSTRATOR’S  MARKET.  Her work has been shown in museums and galleries, and has been included in the Society of Illustrators Show ORIGINAL ART.

"And no author could ask for a more talented interpreter."  Tomie dePaola


"Claire Ewart's presentation at the Butler University Children's Literature Conference ( brought nothing but praise from the teachers, librarians, and author/illustrators who attended.  They found both Claire and her work: "charming," "insightful," "so talented," "amazing," and "wonderful." Claire's books are thoughtful, imaginative, and beautifully rendered, and her expertise and experience add a great deal of depth to her presentations."

Valiska Gregory Author & Director - Butler University Children’s Literature Conference

"Claire…your easy going nature and flexibility made you the perfect speaker for our K-2 audience. You geared your talk to their level and related your illustrations to their experience. You kept an audience of 525 children captivated for the 30 minute presentation. Well done!"

Annamaria Mecca Family Resource Center Director -

Edgewood Primary School - Bloomington, IN

"Claire handled the large crowd of mixed ages well. Her calm, clear voice and way of speaking to children allowed them to understand the process she was explaining. She brought in good, real life examples of what inspires her to write… The PowerPoint slides were just right…It is a difficult feat to convey the writing and publishing process to children, but the examples of…corrections from an editor, made the point that, like marks from our teachers, these comments are there to make our work as good as it can be.  Well done."

Stephanie HolmanChildren's Librarian - Ellettsville Branch of the Monroe County Public Library

"Dear Claire,

You are definitely a big hit here at Haley.  I can't tell you how much everyone enjoyed your visit. "

Lori MyersHaley Elementary School - Fort Wayne, IN

"My son and I saw you at the Young Author's Conference at Wayne High School last month. You were wonderful!!" 

Mary RoushL.A. Facilitator - Fairfield Elementary

Comment from a parent:

"My daughter came home so excited that she had met a real live author she exclaimed, “and she was a girl!”

Another parent, asked, “Who did you have come to talk to the children? My daughter could not stop talking about this person who had been all over the world and wrote books and drew pictures about it.”

Comment from a teacher:

“My second graders really loved the special session Claire did. The best part was having them practicing their own illustrations after watching Ms. Ewart draw.”

Praise for Claire's Work

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